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The highest capacities in a single unit.

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The Rotex Minerals Separator/MEGATEX XD provide unmatched industrial screening for high-volume applications requiring extremely accurate separations. These multilevel separators feature unique stacked designs for smaller footprints and were engineered to withstand the harshest of conditions.
Accessible External Drive

A simple reactionary drive cartridge incorporating two spherical roller bearings provides years of longevity.

Customized heavy-duty DESTACO door clamps allow quick and easy screen access.

Quick-Release Handle
Easily Replaceable Seals

Customized internal seals allow for premium leak protection and easy replacement.

Brush Connections and Sliding Inlet

The inlets, outlets and dust-collection ports of the machine utilize engineered solutions to eliminate all flexible connections.


Gyratory Reciprocating Motion

The Gyratory Reciprocating Motion gradually transitions along the length of the machine, starting off as purely gyratory motion at the head, then moving to elliptical movement in the center and reverting back to reciprocating toward the end.

  1. Circular motion at feed end
  • Spreads the material across the full width of the screen surface
  • Stratifies the material
  • Aggressively conveys material forward
  1. Changing to elliptical motion at center
  • Long-stroke elliptical action
  • Enhances product stratification
  • Conveys material at high capacity
  1. Reciprocating motion at discharge end
  • Removes near-size particles
  • Improves screening efficiency
  • No vertical component ensures material is in constant contact with the screen surface

Reduced Downtime

The combination of quick-access clamps, external drives and no flexible connections reduces downtime by making maintenance easier.

Consistent Screen Tension

Through the use of our unique screen-attachment method, the screen is automatically tensioned with each new screen installation.

Eliminates Product Leakage

Each fraction is fully contained within the machine through the use of our patented Cam Lift-Rail and customized internal seals.

Independent Screen Access

Stacked, multiple-deck, tray-access design allows individual screen access without the need to remove all decks. A single deck screen change can be completed in 10 minutes, and all 12 decks within two hours.

Longevity and Durability

Rotex drives are designed for long-term, trouble-free service with minimal maintenance. In addition, 500 to 1,000 pounds of abrasion-resistant liners ensure your machine will withstand any application.


Existing structure

Because the Minerals Separator suspension system has low transmitted forces, the machine can be mounted directly to a structural steel framework.

Rotex supplied stand

The Minerals Separator can be floor-mounted using a support stand designed for a specific model.

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The Rotex Minerals Separator™ drive is used to generate the legendary Rotex Gyratory Reciprocating Motion.

Easy Access Doors

Screen access and changes are easier than ever with the Rotex customized DESTACO door clamps.

Sliding Inlet

The Rotex sliding inlet eliminates the hassle associated with flexible connections.

Brush Discharge

The Rotex Minerals Separator™ incorporates brush discharge connections to eliminate troublesome flexible outlet connections.

Universal Joints

The Rotex hanger assembly integrates two universal joints at each connection point at the top and bottom.

av小四郎收藏家无弹窗 av小四郎收藏家无弹窗 av小四郎收藏家无弹窗 av小四郎收藏家无弹窗 ,五个闺蜜的疯狂互换春雨医生最新章节列表 五个闺蜜的 五个闺蜜的疯狂互换春雨医生最新章节列表 五个闺蜜的

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